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Dear Guest,

You made the great decision to be independent, to work in the field you like, which fulfills you, far from hierarchical constraints and unattainable goals.

But this path is not safe, easy and no one guarantees your success.

As an entrepreneur or a manager you realize that time is the most precious resource. Moreover, the daily life of a business requires:  organization, ranking and a lot of knowledge in sales, customer service, team management, setting goals and outlining a clear, achievable and effective strategy.

Your business or your career is your biggest achievement and you certainly don’t want to lose your motivation or get stuck in the daily operation.

The highest goal is: how to be more efficient, more competitive, more informed!

The good news is that you can have all these through our tailored  help!

My Method?

A mixture of advices in matters of : organization, financial issues, administrative/ human resources in a simple, practical and efficient way.

My Goal?

To see as many entrepreneurs and managers as possible who have a plan for the future and clarity of vision!

Leaders who focus on action, who stand out from the crowd and are not afraid to be different!


Ad Rem resources

My Services

Diagnosis of your business

For a contoured and precise future you must know the present. The first step in the development process is to know your business. The continuation being the permanent analysis of the results of the strategy and of the business model throughout the process.

Consulting in human resources management

People are your company's most valuable resource. Focus on their motivation and improving their well-being. Define performance indicators, plan their professional trainings, create disciplines and processes that will allow you to have control over the business. 

Financial consultancy

In order to achieve your goals and make the best decisions, you need tools for analyzing, planning and monitoring your turnover. I offer you a set of support elements for an easy  financial life. In other words, you will able to provide reliable data , set future performance objectifs, assess risks and understand customer interests. By creating standards, disciplines and governance applicable to data down to the level of detail and by efficiently using technology to access this data in real time. 

Administrative and commercial tasks – secretary job

The stake that any entrepreneur must have is to maximize customer satisfaction. Whether it is by listening, empathizing and understanding the needs and expectations of the interlocutor, success is not far away, you just have to be close to your client. It is necessary to be organized, to have healthy and consistent processes and working methods. Most often by prioritising tasks and a good time management.

Fundamentals gains for you

Time management

You simplify to the maximum the administrative and HR processes with adapted methods aimed at capitalizing on the operational aspects. Rewrite the working methods with new objective, practical and simple ideas to follow.

Keep up

With the competition, don't let everyday tasks overwhelm the performance in your business, position yourself on the market, plan and act strategically. Get the cruising speed you want.

Facilitating decisions

Adapted tools and refining the business model are the ways to go further and raise the business to the level of your expectations. By measuring and tracking the financial aspects of your business and your team, success is only a step away. Your decisions will become easier and more creative.


An important attribute in reshaping a business is to work in complete trust, away from the fear that information will end up in unwanted places. Respect for the partnership and its methods is a priority in my business relationships, as well as yours.

Want to get started, but don't know how?

If you want any information, advice or a quote, please send me a message  and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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Information and education are the most valuable resources, use them WISELY.

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