BRAGA Bianca Daniela – virtual assistant and business consultant

If you are here it is because you want to know more about who I am and what I do!

I am Bianca, entrepreneur and mother, with virtual headquarters in the picturesque area of Neamt, Romania  in the Ceahlau Mountains, fresh air and lots of nature.

I mainly focused on economic and accounting studies, business management, audit and management control for many years, having a master’s degree in business, specialization in management control and audit, diploma obtained at the Grande Ecole de Commerce in Paris .

My professional life started in the French business environment where I worked as an administrative and financial manager, then as a human resources manager. And my experience didn’t end here. I keep learning new things every day.

A whole panel of skills, tools and techniques which I make available to those who want to learn, to apply usual and tested solutions, practical advice, everything for things to work and get results.


With what ?

Surely here you are wondering what are: My values?

Continuous development of skills, specialization in running a business and acquiring new knowledge in as many fields as possible.

Also I can say an increased curiosity.

Rigor and organization are the key points in my field.

The desire to help others who encounter difficulties determined me to be perseverant and to push my limits beyond the comfort zone.

I don’t like mediocrity, but neither perfectionism, instead I like the rules, procedures and processes that can adapt to the growth needs of a business. So tailored solutions and professionalism!


To make your life easier. From customer invoicing, study information,  budget templates and cash flow tables to consulting in business flow, team management and talent motivation.

If you want to know more, I invite you to read the Services page, or to contact me!


Well, until it isn’t too late!

Whether you are at the beginning of the road or have been active for some time, the tasks and responsibilities are many.

Most important are : – Prospecting – Realization – Manufacturing – Communication – Management

Definitely enormous…and more and more complex!

How many entrepreneurs find themselves alone in front of many challenges;  the most serious of which is to shut down their business due to lack of time in administrative management or efficient support?

And yet they have a strong potential and know-how.

You have to be open, to trust in outside aid, in secretaries and consultants who are here to free you from the constant effort of working alone to cover all areas of expertise.

Your focus should only be on the development strategy in your area of ​​expertise.

I only wish you success in your business. Your success will be mine too!


In a picturesque, beautiful landscape, the Carpathian mountains, on the green grass, in the rays of the sun! : D

Online or at your headquarters!

I have at my disposal my own computer and software, which I use only under licenses, a remote job oriented to the needs of all entrepreneurs and individuals from all over Romania and abroad , but also at your headquarters within a radius of 50 km around Neamt. Maybe even further. Depending on your needs.


Send me the documents by mail, dropbox, wetransfer, etc. by post, or in person. We establish the terms of collaboration and the way of working.


At your office for a day, or half a day, on a mutually agreed date, to accomplish the objectives that we have previously defined.


Providing  solutions adapted to your needs!

Through administrative and commercial tips, as well as financial organization, I aim to deliver the expected results in a smooth, concrete and adapted way. I offer you a working model, planning analysis tools and monitoring of your business.

  1. We will analyze your need  (phone contact or email and a direct exchange on your needs)
  2. As each person is unique, so is the provision of services. We set together the proposition , valid for 1 month.
  3. We start working  following an agenda


To give your company a boost !

Save time by delegating the administrative tasks, in order to invest more in forming new partnerships, obtaining more contracts and developing your strategy.

Maybe you have thought about developing a new production line or approaching a new market or customers, or restructuring your business. 

I’m here to streamline your business organization, your efforts and medium and long term efforts.