Virtual assistance

hourly rate


Hourly rate
at the headquarters


If you have an emergency, it’s no problem. I can help you in any situation.

 In this case, increases will be applied as follows:

Emergency after 6.30 pm


Weekends and holidays


Business consulting services

Rates are given as a guide, because each client has specific needs that require  attention and a lot of collaboration.

In principle, the price is built on assignment , taking into account future collaborations, the commitment period, the complexity of the presented problem, the materials and resources made available and other functional aspects.

If you can’t afford a consultant, it’s no problem.

The rate can also be hourly, for your short and medium term needs: problems of organization, daily administration and management of a recruitment or construction of a  financial tool.

It can start from 50 € per hour for these short missions but relevant to your business.

The key is in your hands, you are the one who has the will,  power and resources to reach the wanted level in your business.

Subscription plan

Online: for financial or administrative advices

50 € / month for 5 questions

Promotion of the moment:

25 % discount for the first 20 consulting orders.

For long-term engagement (> 2 weeks) you can gain 30 % discount on the entire price.

I also offer virtual assistance packages at attractive rates

10 hour package

used within 2 months


20 hour package

used within 4 months


30 hour package

used within 6 months

600 €

BIG DEAL of the moment:

25 % discount for the first  20 orders of : 1 virtual assistance package + 2 hours of business consultancy 

However, nothing compares to an offer tailored to your needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

By requesting a FREE, NO COMMITMENT offer, you avoid unpleasant surprises. Only worked hours are billed!