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Diagnosis of your business

Where we will focus to deepen the structure of your business.

  • An evaluation of your business: dealing with short, medium and long term strategy, financial planning, sales and marketing planning, team management, operations and process management
  • Identifying incomplete stages in the evolution of the business
  • Highlighting the level of business development, weaknesses and strengths
  • Description of development needs and areas where further attention is needed
  • Process optimization

Financial consultancy

Of course, any good decision is based on practical, adaptable and relevant tools.

  • I help you prepare the main financial instruments
  • For the analysis of the main financial indicators
  • P&L and Cash Flow planning for optimizing profitability and cash flow indicators

Consulting in human resources management

People are the most valuable resource for a business, especially talented people. You will have motivated, involved and performance-oriented staff.

  • Development of human resources policies
  • Integration of new members in the organization
  • Career reorientation and career management
  • Performance management
  • Professional development – development needs assessment
  • Internal communication – mediating communication relations between employees
  • Organizational efficiency in terms of human resources

Virtual assistance

The administrative issue is not to be neglected. Taken methodically, by defining priorities with a dose of guidance, the time spent in your business will become effective.

  • Administration of supplier, customer invoicing and reporting order database
  • Updating and creating dashboards
  • Creating a reliable audit trail by filing and gathering all accounting documents
  • Information on the regulations as well as on the projects you want to request
  • Numerical filing and archiving
  • Drafting and formatting business documets (contracts, letters, reports,etc) and also CVs, personal letters
  • Organizing meetings, travels, managing the agenda, etc
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